Monday, July 21, 2008

Few really nice photos of the religion of peace.


Mariam- A proud Muslim! said...

i came across your blog and was absolutely disgusted and appalled! You have taken things out of context, twisted them, regurgitated them and thrown them and presented them on your website.

I am a Muslim and despite everything that you know, heard or even saw- Islam is a peaceful religion.

All that is going on in Palestine (and other places around the world) has NOTHING to do with the religion itself, NOTHING AT ALL.. its all a play for power and is dirty.I'm not saying the Palestinians are innocent but trust me sweetie, neither are the Israelis.

Websites like yours are making it harder and harder for Muslims, REAL Muslims like myself to communicate with other people.

Stop giving Islam a a bad name. The Islam you know and show on this page is the same "Islam" that Bin Laden, Hezbollah etc follow- NOT THE ISLAM THAT HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN FROM OUR PROPHET (peace be upon him). Trust me anyone who believes in violence is not a Muslim. Please stop stereotyping and generalizing.

Oh and also, FYI, Ashura is NOT a big day in our religion- its something that the Shi'a sect do, and is extremely frowned upon by the majority of Islamic followers..

Anonymous said...

Mariam,Why do you Muslims always underestimate the non muslims to know any thing of your cult( I was going to say religion, but it is not).Same as you I only came across this website accidently. you say " I am a muslim and despite every thing that you know heard or even saw islam is a peaceful religion. Do you read Quran? Sura 9:111" Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them Paradise. They will fight for the cause of Allah. They will Kill and be Killed" Sura 8:12" And when Allah revealed to the Angles saying, I shall be with you . Give courage to the believrs,I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels . Strike off their heads, smite the end of their figers." Does that sound peaceful to you? So please stop your BS about Islam being peaceful.Muslims don't know the meaning of peace. Quran is full of hatred towards Jews and Christiand, and non believers. Although I am not Muslim but I do read Quran. log on

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that are still some people aware of muslim evil. This religion is scum, a cancer that threats mankind. Just see 9/11, the children of Beslan, London/Madri terrorist attacks: they have no shame to kill people in the filthy name of that pedophile prophet and their stupid god.

Keep on the good work!

Anonymous said...

Mariam . . . are you INTENTIONALLY ignoring the elephant in your living room? The stench alone should be enough to wake you up.

Anonymous said...

Great site! Such a great amount of info. I struggle/strive to be a decent human by following the path of Christian universalism and we people of goodwill must face reality, Islam is equal to Nazism .