Friday, November 16, 2007

Killing of non-muslims is legitimate (British Mullah)

There have been legions of apologists for Islamic atrocities over the past seventy to eighty years, most of these coming from individuals or groups with deeply entrenched financial, political or ideological interests in the Arab world.

When the Arabs were rabidly voicing their determination to "push the Jews into the sea" prior to each of their failed attempts to destroy the Nation of Israel, there were those in the Western media who assured us that this wasn't to be taken literally, that it was just another example of the Arab culture's tendency for bombast and hyperbole in their speech.

When the Mohammedans began to extend their range of terror beyond the bounds of the Middle East, those same media sources hammered on the manta that "Islam is a religion of peace!" Even after the unparalleled demonstration on September 11, 2001 of Islam's naked ambitions to spread their tentacles of hatred and destruction to the very heart of American society, President George W. Bush declared to a stunned and still reeling American public that "Islam is a religion of peace!"

After the atrocities perpetrated in London on July 7, 2005 there were still those who declared that Islam was a "religion of peace" and that these acts of violence ( the B.B.C. still refused to characterize them as "acts of terror") were carried out by a small number of "extremists" who were "hijacking" a "peaceful religion".

In the video above, you can hear with your own ears the naked and unashamed statements of a prominent "British" Mohammedan unmasking the soul of this "peaceful religion" to the world. As a minor, but telling, point of interest, you might note that the interviewer in this B.B.C. production of "Hardtalk", while appearing to take a severly critical line with this cleric, never once uses the word "terror" in reference to the past and future Mohammedan atrocities to which he refers.

Apparently at the B.B.C. old habits die hard.

Another extremely intriguing pattern that seems to be emerging as we develop this blog is that the vast majority of Mohammedans who are actively and increasingly vocal in their condemnation of Islam and its barbarian doctrines are women. The interview conducted in the video above seems to typify more and more frequently the attitudes of Mohammedan men.

This in itself should give the governmental authorities in all civilized countries extremely sound and valid reasons to reassess their immigration policies.

I know that if the lives and safety of millions of citizens were entrusted to me, I would certainly prefer to err on the side of caution . . . . unless, of course, I was closely linked in some way to the financial benefits the PetroSheiks are so eager and able to provide to those willing to whitewash their barbarism.

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