Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Muslim "Honor" Killings

"Honor" has different meanings in Islam . . .

The world is well aware of the barbarity of the concept of "honor killings" among the Mohammedans.

The preceeding video merely elaborates on the inhumanity of this doctrine, but it does not, it cannot, convey the sheer brutality and gut-wrenching inhumanity with which these lynching are carried out.

The idea behind "honor killings" is that a woman, no matter how young, is the sole vessel for the preservation of the "honor" of the Mohammedan's family and that any thought, act, or perceived act that might call the "honor" of the family into question requires the death of that woman, again, regardless of her youth.

There is really little to add that can further enforce or emphasize our condemation of this primitive and utterly barbaric doctrine.

What is truly interesting is that this "principle" of "family honor" is something which devolves solely upon the heads of the women in Islam; there is no such restriction placed upon men in Islamic society. As far as Islam is concerned, a man is free to behave in any way he pleases without fear of condemnation or punishment, as far as his responsibilities to maintaining the "family honor" are concerned. He is beyond the reach of any restraining social or religious doctrines.

And Mohammedan men make the most of this freedom.

Anyone who has visited a Mohammedan country has seen the packs of Mohammedan men trailing after a foreign female tourist like dogs scenting a steak. In all major tourist centers in the Islamic world, the single female tourist is hounded, sometimes with disarming courtesy, sometimes with blatant vulgarity, but always hounded wherever she goes. Whether it is in the souk or in the bazaar, a restaurant or a shop, there will always be the undercurrent of tension surrounding her, the knowledge that she is the prey and the Mohammedan men the predators.

These are the men who are willing, on the instant, to condemn and lynch their own mothers, sisters or daughters at the merest hint of an indiscretion or "perceived" indiscretion.

The hypocrisy of Islam defies comprehension by the civilized mind. These are barbaric practices that, even in earlier eras in less advanced cultures, were considered as unjust.

What would bring these atrocities to a screeching halt would be if Islamic women decided, in every Islamic society, to apply the same standards to, and inflict the same punishments on, the men in their families.

IF an erring son was seen talking to a Swedish tourist in Sharm-El Sheik, or a husband was caught with a woman not of his family in Doha, and they were shamed in public and subsequently lynched, I think that would go far to bring about a more civilized equality between the sexes in Mohammedan society. It wouldn't take more than two or three such examples to pull the rest in to line. I seriously doubt whether such public displays would be sanctioned by the male-dominated Islamic society, so the only reasonable alternative for the Mohammedan wife, sister or daughter would be to slit the offending male's throat in the night. Such an action would be well within the scope of any Mohammedan woman to perform without a second thought.

I think a week or so without sleep on the part of erring men would do wonders to rectify the situation.

But, given the mentality of the Mohammedan male, rather than surrender any of their "masculine prerogatives" of unfettered immorality, I think they would be more inclined to offer a bit more freedom to their women as a sop. I'm sure the Imams ( the Islamic clerics), tossing and turning restlessly in their beds at night, would find Koranic passages that would enable women to drive a car, work outside the home, visit freely among her friends, etc.

The threat of suffering the horrendous fate that the "men" in Islam have so easily meted out to women over the centuries would, I am sure, make them a little more civilized, if not less primitive.

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