Friday, January 18, 2008

The "Sacred" holiday of Ashura

How touching...!

If anyone wants a clearer picture of the heart and essence of Islam, they need look no further than these images of one of the most sacred holidays of the Islamic calendar . . . Ashura.

While other major religions, as well as the vast majority of minor ones, focus their holiest observances on spiritual renewal and the atonement for past transgressions against their fellow men, Islam directs its attention to the darker side of human nature. It glorifies, as these representative images illustrate, violence, blood-lust and hatred of all that is truly spiritual in the souls of good individuals everywhere.

The obscenity of the "festival" of Ashura makes any sado-masochistic orgy in San Francisco look like a Victorian tea party. This is the core and root of Islam.

Even the Haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia that is commanded of every Mohammedan at least once in their life, is an open dedication to the naked and aggressive hatred which Islam harbors against all "infidels".

For years, the symbolic stoning of the pillar representing Satan during the Haj was turned into a political as well as a religious act when the pillar was painted with both the Star of David and the Christian cross. This ingrained hatred of all that is not Islamic is rooted deep in the Surahs of the Koran. This doctrine was a direct result of the refusals by the Jews and Christians to acknowledge Mohammed as "the final prophet" of G-d during his early years of proselytizing

History and current events show how right they were to reject this Satanic cult.

Every major confrontation between cultures has had individuals who voiced their warnings . . . and were ignored. England turned a deaf ear to Churchill's prophetic opposition to Nazi Germany while embracing a weak-willed Chamberlain's pathetic attempts to appease Hitler, with results that devastated the Western World.

In our adamant opposition to, and denunciation of, Islam and its followers who stand silent in the face of its daily atrocities, we will stand with the modern Churchills who speak out boldly, honestly and bravely against this Islamic threat to mankind which is once again rearing its ugly head to destroy all that is good, spiritual and tolerant in the human heart and in the world at large.

Will you be a Churchill or a Chamberlain?

Your fate and the fate of your children and your children's children hang in the balance . . . !


Mo said...

Thank you for posting this. What a sick, twisted perversion of a religion this is. And we wonder why these kids grow up the way they do? They are fed on bloodlust from the time they are infants.

Anonymous said...

In majority of muslim countries child is breast fed hatred along with his/her mothers milk. log on

Jessica F. said...

i think this is extremely biased. for one, you failed to explain what the festival is even about. and two, if you had even read the Koran you would know that the entire religion is based on peace and equity between the man and woman. The oppression of women and prearranged marriages does not come from Islam, it comes from the muslim people's traditions. Islam itself means peace in Arabic. while i can understand how you may be concerned with these photos, who are we to question hundreds of years of tradition. sure, because it's tradition doesn't mean it's right, but it's their tradition. if you don't want to take part, then don't. but i honestly don't believe in showing fealty to a bunch of christians or catholics who say women are the birth of evil or are beneath men. Islam teaches EQUITY between men and women and even Muhammed himself helped his wife with chores around the house and treated her with respect.

As for the cross and star of david being drawn on the rock throwing pillar; they have every reason to dislike christians and the jewish just as all other religions can find fault with islam. The people of america, and who worship jesus in the place of god, say that muslums are terrible people and so is their god allah. what you ALL fail to realize is that you ALL believe in THE SAME GOD. Allah is only the Arabic word and name for God. it is still the One God. Just in a different language. For jews and muslims jerusalem and israel is a holy place that should be shared by BOTH peoples because of your love for god. because you both believe in the same god, you just worship differently. so you should really research something before you post such ignorant messages of hate on a religion you obviously don't understand.

btw - i am not islamic. i am a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, and am an 18 yr old senior in high school who is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. my family is catholic. i hold moderate and agnostic views on religion. and i HAVE read the Koran twice and i own one. And the muslim people i have met happen to be very nice people; just very misunderstood by our culture. which can be further proved by whoever wrote this ridiculous article.

Khadim Raza said...

Ashura - is the month when Yazzeed (son of Mavia) Killed 72 members of Prophet Mohammad's (Peace Be Upon Him) Family including his Grand Son Imam HUSSAIN (A.S),(Ali Akbar) 18 years old and (Ali Asghar)6 month old son Imam HUSSAIN (A.S). The Killed whole family of our beloved Prophet. We SHIA people do all this in the memory of them so we can feel the pain They all went through and plus we hurt our selves but no other so you should be very clear about what you are saying. Please rectify one thing that TALIBAN's are not MUSLIMS. if they claim they are MUSLIMS its just a lie.

Knowing Taliban's dosent means that you know all the MUSLIMS.

BUSH Administration invaded IRAQ in 2004 do you know hoe many IRAQI's have been killed in this so called search of MDW's ? Countless.

But we never claimed that Christian’s are BAD as act of an WAR Criminal such as BUSH doesn’t portray all the Christian’s at all.

Further I dont know what they teach you over there but every MUSLIM and I mean true MUSLIM (Not talking about Taliban's) respect and love JESUS (Peace Be Upon Him) as we Love Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) . Please clarify your concepts and then comment

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!