Saturday, February 16, 2008

DENMARK ! - Again, a Light to All the Free Nations!

Denmark - once again, this tiny country among the nations of the world, has taken a stand that confirms its place as the enduring symbol of adamant opposition to totalitarianism and its dedication to the spirit of freedom and justice in a world where these values are too often overshadowed by political opportunism, appeasement and greed.

In recent weeks, the Danish Intelligence agencies arrested three Mohammedan terrorists who had been planning the assassination of the Danish political cartoonist who had portrayed a caricature of Mohammad as a terrorist, his head wrapped with a turban-swathed bomb.

When this information was made public, 17 Danish newspapers. in a courageous ( in today's atmosphere of knuckling-under to Mohammedan terrorist threats ) display of moral and ethical will, simultaneously re-published the most famous of those cartoons - the one whose artist's life had been threatened.

This was a collective act of defiance that stands unparalleled in today's oil-soaked media community.

Denmark stood alone, and far above, the European nations savaged by Nazi aggression during the Second World War. Only Denmark willingly, spontaneously and collectively, protected and saved the lives of tens of thousands of Jews who had for centuries been loyal Danes and had contributed so productively to their country's culture and society.

While others, notably the French and Eastern Europeans had sprung eagerly to the task of collaberating with the Nazis, the Danes were the most dedicated Europeans in their resistance to allowing the Nazis to entrench themselves in, and destroy, a civilized nation's society.

The are no superlatives in the English language worthy to be used in describing Denmark's collective national dedication to the highest of human morals and values.

Contrast this to the current policies in Europe today where, for example, Britain has banned children's books portraying pigs, since it would offend Mohammedans, or the insanity of the British Prison System which has mandated the realignment of toilets in the prisons away from the direction of Mecca, so as, again, not to offend Mohammedan sensibilities. These being, of course, the sensibilities of Mohammedan criminals who commited some of the most heinous crimes against civilized British society.

While the staff here at this blog are doing our utmost to defy and defeat the spread of Islam and its doctrines of hatred, terror and totalitarianism, we realize that this effort is merely a drop in the ocean of the electronic sea of the Internet. This is a small forum and one certainly not widely bruited about among the movers and shakers whose voices carry weight in the war against Islam. But in a war, even the lowly sandbag can contribute to the defense of the warriors actively engaged in opposition to the advance of evil.

If we can aid and support the Danes, as they aided and supported the Jews, then our small efforts here will not have been in vain.

God commanded Israel to be a light to all the nations . . . the Danes took that task upon themselves unasked and with no regard for reward either in this life or the next.

That places them, as a nation, on a pinnacle of moral, ethical and spiritual achievement that stands unmatched in human history.

More than that cannot be said of any mortal on the face of this earth.


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