Friday, February 6, 2009

An Idle Thought . . .

It just occured to me that the comparision by pro-Mohammedan, pro-terrorist groups and individuals of the Israeli defensive barrier wall to the Berlin wall erected by the Russians at the height of the Cold War seems more than a bit farcical.

The main images that have been burned into the conciousness of the world by the Berlin Wall are the photos and films of the East Germans who risked their lives diving through forests of barbed-wire and clambering over that slate-gray wall to escape from the oppression on Communism.

The interesting thing is that since the erection of the Israeli defensive barrier, not one image has been taken or one foot of film shot of an Israeli Arab risking his or her life by scrabbling over the wall INTO the Palestinian areas. Even Reuters and the AP, both noted for their staged and choreographed images of "oppressed Mohammedans" whether in the Palestinian areas or the Lebanon, have been unable to bring themselves ( as yet ) to create a fantasy image of that magnitude.

They do, however, routinely, show the tens of thousands of Palestinians who wait daily to get INTO the "despised Zionist Entity" for work and an honest living that Hamas and the corrupt and violent Palestinian leadership have denied them in their own lands.

That thought just brings an interesting perspective to the hysterical rantings of the Jew-haters in this world . . .

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