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The Collaboraters. . . . Rachel Corrie

Her Name Was Rachel Corrie

Rachel Aliene Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) was an American member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who traveled to the Gaza Strip during the Second Intifada. She was killed by a bulldozer operated by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during a protest against the destruction of the homes of Palestinian terrorists by the IDF in the Gaza Strip.

One of the most publicized symbols of neo-anti-Semites, Rachel Corrie's life and prejudices are a microcosm of the soul-searing hatred that drive so many of those disparate groups who have banded together to dedicate their lives to finishing the work that the Nazis began and the Mohammedan terrorists are continuing . . . the destruction of the Jewish people.

Rachel Corrie's basic political philosophy dove-tailed well with that of the International Solidarity Movement of which she was a member. This organization has been actively and eagerly engaged in providing both logistical and material support for Mohammedan terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, making no distiction among Jews, Mohammedans or Christians. Their most notorious support effort was in the arming, aiding and abetting of the two suicide bombers who attacked a Tel Aviv beachside pub, Mike's Place on April 30, 2003. An International Solidarity Movement volunteer later confirmed that the bombers had been among a group of known Palestinian terrorists who were offered tea when they paid a visit to an ISM office on the way to a memorial for Rachel Corrie.

The question now arises; "What are the moral, ethical and political values of those who, like Rachel Corrie, align themselves with Arab and Mohammedan terrorists?" Let's take a look at the values that anti-Israel groups hold so dear and what they find so reprehensible about the State of Israel.

First, the most obvious difference between Israel and the Mohammedan nations surrounding her is that Israel, like America, is a democratic govenment based on the equality of her citizens and the rule of law. Democracy, in the eyes of Islam is anathema.

Israel is also the only nation in the Middle East where Mohammedans, Jews and Christians live side-by-side with no restriction on the practice of their religions. Religious freedom, in the eyes of Islam, is anathema.

Israel is the only nation in the region where each citizen, regardles of sex, has the right and opportunity to pursue his or her chosen direction in life. Both men and women have access to higher education, the workplace, politics, etc. Equality of the sexes is searing anathema in the eyes of Islam.

The International Solidarity Movement, Hamas. Islamic Jihad, the P.L.O., in fact the entire Palestinian population ( or, at least, the entire male sector) despise the values that the Western World hold sacred and Rachel Corrie despised these values no less than the terrorists she supported. If there is any question about that statement, one picture is worth a thousand words.

This photo of Rachel Corrie burning both American and Israeli flags in an hysterical frenzy needs no further commentary. It shows in naked, graphic detail the searing, white-hot hatred she, and those like her, feel for individual freedom and democratic government. Her gut-wrenching hatred for Jews overode any consideration of the plight of the women and children she would be leaving when she tired of playing the dilletante in a land in which she had no personal stake.

We know what Rachel Corrie, and the other Western ISM supporters, despised, but now the next question that obviously arises is; "What do they stand for? What do they hold worth giving their lives for?"

If they hold individual freedom and religious plurality in contempt, then the following conclusions become glaringly obvious.

Rachel Corrie lent her full support to the institutionalized Islamic oppression of women, she fully backed Sharia law which allows girls as young as 6 years old to be subjected to sexual abuse, she had no problem whatsoever with the barbaric "honor killings" of mothers, wives, sisters or daughters as young a 12 years old, the summary, ex-judicial executions of those considered to be"collaboraters" with Israel.
She and her fellow ISM supporters unconditionally applaud the indefensible war crimes of the Palestinian terrorists who specifically target Israeli civilians, she idolized the corrupt Palestinian politicians who she plainly, and daily, witnessed profiting from the theft of international aid meant for the average Palestinian. She and her fellow ISM supporters encouraged, contributed to and facilitated the accumulation of both conventional and unconventional weapons to be used specifically against Israeli women and children.

After her death, in one of the most bizarre demonstrations of what can only be described as cynical Mohammedan humor, her body was "reverantly" draped with . . . guess what? An ersatz American flag!

For some reason, the humor of this bizarre gesture has totally escaped this writer.

Perhaps the ISM were intending to cremate her body along with the American flag she despised so fiercely. . .

While Rachel Corrie has been elevated to the status of an iconic "victim" of "the evil Zionist entity", her story is not an uncommon one. The neo-anti-Semites in the West and every dedicated Mohammedan alive today use the existence of the State of Israel as an excuse to perpetuate the millenia-old goal of exterminating the Jewish people.

As a minor postscript to this issue, it seems interesting to note that Amnesty International, while routinely lashing out against the democratic State of Israel, has, like the ISM, reportedly routinely supplied poloitical, logistical and material support to Palestinian terrorist groups who deliberately target Israeli civilians. We will look into those dark corners of the neo-anti-Semitism in later articles.

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