Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On Human Values . . .

There are certain qualities and values that define each person on this planet. These qualities and values find their expression in the way a person conducts his or her life and the principles they embace as they move through this world during the brief time they spend in this life.. While every man or woman on the face of the earth is, by definition, a universe unto themselves, they are also, whether by chance or by choice, a part of the greater forces that societies generate and can turn from the minor, eye-catching, swirling social dust-devils of a passing fad or eccentric mystical sect into the raging, earth-shattering, cataclysmic tornadoes of extremism wrought by political, religious or social movements which are fueled by the baser human passions of hatred, greed and the lust for power.

In today's world, these more violent and destructive movements are gaining an ascendency which hasn't been witnessed since the Second World War and, sadly, that historically unparalleled horror is barely seventy years behind us. Human nature seems to have a penchant for revisiting its worst evils time and time again.

While the world, with a very few brave exceptions, stood impotently by while the German National Socialist Workers' Party of Germany took seed in a country devastated by war, then defeat and the subsequent humiliation by a coalition of arrogant and short-sighted Allies, the small and then-insignificant political movement became, virtually overnight, the mightiest military and political power of the time growing in the fertile soil of a society bent on recovering its lost glory, dignity and self-respect. The only factor that saved the world from the domination of German arms was that Germany's sole source of social, political and military ambition lay in the hands and mind of a single individual; Adolph Hitler. Once that mind became unstable, once the focus was lost and irrelevant minutae took precedence over political and military pragmatism, the war and the German people were lost. When the German nation condoned, by turning a blind eye to, the growing injustices and atrocities in their midst, they were themselves already lost.

We are now passing through the same political fires that swept the world a mere sixty years ago and, like the Germans, there are those who are, at the least, turning a blind eye to the injustices and atrocities that are occuring daily in every country where Islam has put down its roots. There are the same actors in this recurring drama, such as the B.B.C. which condemned the Jews and sang Hitler's praise during his rise to power and today castigates the tiny State of Israel while lavishing the most unblushing flattery on the Arab nations which worship Mohammed and his writings. In today's world, we see other organizations like Amnesty International and the Red Cross ignore the most obscene abuses of human rights and the articles of the Geneva Convention such as in the cases of the capture and torture of the Israeli Air Force navigator Ron Arad who has been in the hands of Mohammedans for almost thirty-five years and the torture and murder of the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers recently. While turning an intentional and decisively blind eye to these Islamic atrocities, both Amnesty International and the Red Cross work hand-in-hand with recognized terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Fatah to gather real or imagined "evidence" (confirmation of evidence is, to Amnesty International and the Red Cross, irrelevant) with which to castigate the Jews.

As we have pointed out in earlier articles, few souls on the face of the planet could excuse themselves from culpability in Hitler's meteoric rise to power when every word, every line, every paragraph of "Mein Kampf", written in 1924, stated with crystal clarity his intentions of exterminating the Jews, subjugating the "sub-human" non-Aryans of the world and, most explicitly and in the greatest detail, outlined his intentions of invading Russia in order to obtain "Lebensraum", or "living space", for the German nation.

Today, as it has for the past one thousand four hundred years, the "Koran" of the Mohammedans has displayed exactly the same explicit intent of world domination that made "Mein Kampf" the sacred scripture of the German National Socialist Workers' Party.

We are now witnessing the major news networks and media maximizing Israeli flaws, whether real or intentially created out of thin air, while minimizing the horrors and atrocities which are the fruit of Mohammedan theology. The West focused all its energy and political currency on attacking, hunting down and then taunting Sadaam Hussain when they hung him. Why? Because he was a "dictator", was "involved" in 9/11, had "weapons of mass destruction" and had to be removed so "democracy" could grow and thrive in that country.

But what about Saudi Arabia? Are the Saudi Royal family not "dictators"? Weren't fifteen of the nineteen terrorists of the 9/11 atrocity Saudi Arabians? Weren't the Saudi Arabians funding thousands upon thousands of "madrassas" around the world in order to inculcate the Wahabist hatred of the Western "infidels"? Aren't the Saudi Arabians directly responsible for the imminent collapse of Western economies by their raising the price of a barrel of oil to that unprecedented $150+ a barrel? Can a woman drive a car in Saudi Arabia? Can a Jew walk on Saudi soil? Can a woman's punishment as a gang-rape victim be raised from 100 lashes to 200 lashes because she contested the original sentence? Yes, it can . . . and it was.

And yet we are silent in the face of this human social tragedy and, unbelievably, there are individuals and organizations in the West who actually support and justify this society.

Between the Israelis and the Arabs, can Arabs live and work in Israel? What Jew can live and work in Gaza? Can Arabs hold political office in Israel? What Jew sits in the goverment in either Hamas' Gaza or Fatah's West Bank? Can Arabs worship in their mosques in Israel? What Christian can now worship without fear in Bethlehem? Where does the true apartheid lie? Where does the true face of racism and intolerance present itself?

When hatred of the magnitude the Mohammedans display for the West, and for Israel as the symbol of the West in their midst, drives them to their own destruction as we have seen time and again in their squandering of Western aid on weapons and terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians rather than spending it on building a strong and vibrant infrastructure, then there can be no dialogue. Hatred that intense bars any compromise. Hatred that intense becomes a cancer that devours the body and soul of the people who bear it. Hatred that intense bears within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

As we have seen, those who condemn Israel have one thing in common . . . a hatred of Jews. This hatred is so incandescent that it literally blinds them to the atrocities of Islam and the spreading terrorism this faith breeds.

Now, it is time to ask yourself; "What are my values? What are my principles? What will be the side upon which I will stand? Is it for life and hope I want to devote myself, or for hatred, violence and destruction of other human beings? Are the keystones of my soul the search for love, compassion, tolerance and freedom or do I harbor a hatred so deep for mankind that I want to devote it to the oppression of women, the murder of innocents and the barbarity of Sharia Law?"

It is on such personal, soul-searching, individual decisions like this that the fate of nations are founded and the future of the world determined.

It begins with you . . . in the face of all odds to the contrary, you can help change the history of the world by actively and vocally opposing the spread of hatred and intolerance that Islam breeds.

Start now . . . so that you, your children and your grandchildren can live in a world free of at least one more force bent on its destruction.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Well thought out and well written. Keep up the good work. I'll definitely be watching this blog.

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