Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Yahoo" and "YouTube". . . Promoting Islamic Terror?

There is an extremely disturbing pattern emerging on the "" website as well as the "Yahoo Answers"section of the "" website.

For those who aren't familiar with "Yahoo Answers", it's an adjunct of "" where anyone with a "" e-mail address can register, sign in and then ask or answer questions posted by other members. This is a free service and it has a host of different sections covering virtually every subject imaginable.

While most of the sections are pretty innocuous and not likely to raise the hackles of the average poster or answerer, there are a few subject areas that tend to attract rather more heated responses than others. Two of the most volatile forums are the "Israel" section as a sub-section under the "Travel" heading and "Religion and Spirituality" as a sub-section under the "Society and Culture" heading.

The questions posed by Mohammedans in both of these sections tend to be extremely provocative and antagonistic toward non-Mohammedans, especially Jews, Christains and Israel, while their responses to any questions or answers critical of Islam can frequently border on the hysterical.

Now, the problem is that while "Yahoo Answers" understandably has what are called "Community Guidelines" that are meant to act as mechanisms to keep offensive material out of this forum, and can result in the "suspension" ( read: "termination") of a user's entire "Yahoo" account if an unacceptable number of "violations" are reported, this policy is more and more clearly being used selectively to terminate the accounts of users who are critical of Islam.

As an example of this selectivity, the following innocuous question resulted in the termination of one user's account:


"Question: After three million years of evolution . . .?

. . . . and the long, slow climb of civilization from hunter-gatherers through the rise of agricultural societies and then the gradual emergence of science from the intellectual black hole of the Middle Ages, climbing still higher to witness the spark of the Industrial Revolution that led to the explosion of technolgical and scientific advances in the 19th, and 20th centuries which ultimately gave us the conquest of space and the computer age, do you really think the absolute height of human achievement, both technological and intellectual, on this planet is being able to ask, " Why does my cat pee in the bathroom sink?" on Y/A ?

I mean, really, WTF ?!?"


That, with no additions or omissions, is the entire question exactly as it was posted. Nothing there to offend anyone with a modicum of a sense of humor, I think? Just a light-hearted little bit of fun, wouldn't you agree? But it was posted by a user known to be critical of Islam on "Yahoo Answers" and, as such, was targeted and flagged by ONE Mohammedan user as offensive, resulting in the termination of that user's entire "" account.

Other users have had questions or answers critical of Islam deleted and received violation notices BEFORE they were even posted on the site itself.

Questions about the validity of Islamic values and doctrines, or especially those critical of Islamic terrorism, are routinely deleted within half an hour to an hour after their posting.

But, postings by Mohammedans which are offensive in the extreme to Christianity or Judaism, or rabidly anti-Semitic when posted in the "Israel" section are left alone even when they have been known to have received over seventy-five flaggings for violations of the "Community Guidelines".

One such example was posted in the "Egypt" sub-section of the "Travel" heading a little while ago and remained posted for over FOUR DAYS without being deleted even though it had received over sixty flaggings that we were aware of ! !

This is the posting, showing the user's screen-name and the content of the posting exactly as it appeared on "Yahoo Answers":

Posted by "Magdoulin"
Member since: October 21, 2007

"but what did YOU do for Palestines or for anyone? tell me if you can hero.. I advise you, rather to criticise the Egyptian people, suggest something to do like demonstration for example if you are Egyptian or tell us about your experience of this matter. Let me now ask you a question: are you really ready to gift your soul for the Palestanian cause? for me I know the answer prematurely, people like you do nothing except complaining but in the serious time, they shut up. For me I am ready to carry out what you called the suicidal missions and what I called martyrdom duty and I am ready right now, do you know a struggleful cell which I can join to it?? by the way.. it is not joke!"

Posted: 4 days ago

This is a typical example of the type of language used by Mohammedan "" users when discussing Israel, Jews, Zionism, etc. in the "Yahoo Answers" site.

And, as you can see, this was left untouched by the Yahoo moderators for over four days!

This, I believe I can safely say, was a blatant statement of terrorist intent and, by refusing to delete it, "" implictly aided and abetted this individual's clear intention to influence others to commit similar acts of terror.

A disturbing example of ""s collaberation with "YouTube" in censoring material critical of Islam or Arab states was the recent termination of the "Yahoo"e-mail account ( FYI: ) and "YouYube" account of a prominant and internationally respected Egyptian human rights activist, Wael Abbas, who had posted graphic videos of the torture of prisoners in Egyptian police custody on his website
It was only after an international uproar and expressions of outrage that both "Yahoo" and "YouTube" restored the deleted material.

While "" has been willing, even eager, to act as a watchdog in the interests of its Mohammedan users, it has also been supine in the extreme in allowing offensive comments or postings regarding Christianity or Judaism by those same Mohammedans or, just as frequently, atheists who routinely disparage any and all religious faiths in the most offensive manners imaginable.

Luckily, in the "Yahoo Answers" community, the overwhelming impression one receives is that the vast majority of users realize this manipulation and continue to expose postings by Islamic apologists to the ridicule and contempt they so richly deserve.

I might suggest that the "Yahoo Answers" moderators keep in mind Abraham Lincoln and his justly famous statement that "You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

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