Thursday, October 4, 2007

Zionism as Opposed to Nazism / Islam

There have been numerous attempts by the "tin-foil-hatted" Mohammedan anti-Semites to equate Zionism to Nazism.

The difference between these two types of movements is clear to the most jaundiced eye.

Zionism was, and is, a movement for the re-establishment of, and return to, a secure homeland for a people who were conquered and forcibly exiled by the Romans two thousand years ago and subsequently suffered unprecedented persecution and oppression at the hands of both the Christian and Islamic communities who were desperately attempting to distance themselves from the Judaic roots of their religions.

At no time have Jews charaterized themselves as "superior" to any other people.

The catch-phrase of all anti-Semites, "the chosen people", refers solely to the fact that the God of Israel ( I repeat . . . the God of ISRAEL) acknowledged that He had chosen Israel to be His people. There is NO reference in the Jewish scriptures DENYING the existance of other gods. There are, in fact numerous references to many different gods . . . it simply states that the nation of Israel, specifically, is forbidden to worship them or to have intimate relations with those who do.

If you believe in Ba'al, Woden, Allah, Mohammad, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Wicca, Zeus, etc., Judaism couldn't care less . . . more power to you.

But no dedicated Jew will follow those beliefs voluntarily.

Another extremely interesting similarity between Nazism and Islam is the rabid assertions that Jews invented democracy, communism, human rights, animals rights, etc. That these could be conceived as negative achievements shows the glaring differences between Judaism, which encourages intellectual and philosophical diversity and the Nazi/Islamic mentality which so virulently suppresses any such freedoms.

As for Jews inventing democracy, that refers to the Biblical commandment that, during the forty year experience in the desert, those following Moses were commanded to chose freely among themselves the leaders of groups of ten, then those group leaders would choose from among themselves leaders of hundreds, etc. until they reached the leaders of groups of ten thousand. When critical matters arose which couldn't be decided by these sub-leaders, they brought the problems to Moses for final adjudication.

That communism, a political philosophy formulated by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, was a reaction to the overwhelmingly inhumane conditions suffered by the average worker during the Industrial Revolution in England under the control of PROTESTANT industrialists is universially ignored by anti-Semites.

Both Nazism and Islam consider all these (democracy, communism, human rights, animal rights, etc.) to be abominations because they imply an innate dignity and respect for the individual.

Human rights are guaranteed in the Biblical scriptures for women, where there were no such guarantees previously, there are guarantees for the rights of slaves ( and the OBLIGATORY release of those slaves after seven years) where NO other people or nation gave such rights.

Animal rights and the requirement for the care and consideration of both domestic and wild animals are also an integral part of Judaism.

Another unique feature of Judaism, which is anathama to both Nazism and Islam, is its consistant REFUSAL to accept new members into the community unless they are absolutely and FREELY determined to become Jewish.

Contrast those few examples of Jewish religious tenents with both National Socialism and Islam.

Both National Socialism and Islam are based on the ideology of the superiority of a certain race or religious belief.

Both National Socialism and Islam are forces which demand submission or extermination.

Both National Socialism and Islam demand blind acceptance of, and submission to, a central leader. In the case of National Socialism it was Adolph Hitler, with Islam it is Mohammed.

Both National Socialism and Islam purport to be "superior" to all other peoples or religions.

Both National Socialism and Islam are monolithic belief systems which persecute and oppress those who they believe to be "inferior" to them.

The similarities between National Socialism and Islam are virtually endless, but the examples given above are enough to make my point.

If a Mohammedan Imam opposes the terrorism of Mohammedans, he risks his life in doing so, and Mohammedan clerics have been killed in Europe and elsewhere for voicing just such opinions.

NO rabbis have been murdered for any "tin-foil-hatted" anti-Semitic or "anti-Zionist" statements . . . they're just ignored by the rest of the Jewish community . . . and bound with hoops of steel to the bosoms of the anti-Semites who pounce on these pronouncements as gospel.

The very fact that you state that you can read a Neturai Karta rabbi comparing Zionism to Nazism or a Noam Chomsky denegrating Judaism itself shows the leeway Judaism has in the scope of the beliefs it encompasses.

For those who have this image of tiny Israel as a monstrous, overshadowing threat to civilization, I have just answer one question . . .

"How many hundreds of thousands of Muslims live in Israel, with passports they can freely use to leave that " Zionist" country if they so wish, and how many Jews live freely and safely in Gaza . . . or in Saudi Arabia ( or Iran, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, etc.)?

For reference, you might want to look at some of the following links, many written by ex-Mohammedans themselves:

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Great article! Thank you very much for all you do here. I read, and sometimes re-read your blog, and have to say that it is a really educational experience.