Thursday, August 23, 2007

Deeyah . . . A Symbol of Strength and Self-Worth in a Sea of Islamic Hatred

Deeyah (nee: Deepika Thathaal) was born to Sunni Muslim Pakistani and Afgan parents on August 7, 1977 in Oslo, Norway.

She is a singer, composer and human rights activist of Mohammedan Pakistani Pashtun heritage.

Deeyah's debut solo concert was as a 15 year old in Norway. She grew up with an innate sense of self-worth and, as her music career blossomed, she began to assert herself as a Mohammedan and as a woman. The first of these assertions was a result of her religious background, while the second was the result of her own strong and solidly founded faith in herself as an equal to any man in this world.

The music videos from her second album released in September 1995 caused an unprecedented outrage, and a violent backlash, in the Norwegian Mohammedan community which claimed Deeyah was an "evil" Mohammedan for displaying her uncovered back. She and her family were verbally threatened, physically harassed and, during a concert, she was attacked with pepper spray on stage by a "moderate" Mohammedan.

This last incident caused her to move to London in 1996 in hopes that she would be able to continue her career there in a more secure and freer creative environment.

But her past caught up with her once again.

The more her popularity in Britain grew, the more unpopular she became in some Mohammedan circles in the UK. The same controversy and problems hounded her in the UK as they did in Norway. Now, though, the threats against her escalated from verbal and physical abuse to death threats against both her and her family.

The "Muslim Council of Britain" asserted that death threats against Deeyah were faked or exaggerated simply to boost her popularity and public image.

Unfortunately for these terrorist apologists ( who were among the first to protest the innocence of "Livingstone's Lads", the Mohammedan terrorists of 7/7 in London), extensive and in-depth investigations by numerous journalists and music researchers proved these claims of threats to Deeyah to be "not only real but that the full extent of the intimidation against Deeyah has not yet been widely reported in the media."

The truth of this can be seen on several Mohammedan online forums and websites including the now-familiar violent Mohammedan messages and death threats posted about Deeyah on YouTube.

This is the naked face of Islamic intolerance from the victims' perspective.

This is the public and unashamed display of intolerance to the equality of women that has certainly become one of the "Five Pillars of Faith" of Islam.

This can be the fate of ANY woman who refuses to be vicimized by Islam.

Mohammedans have been claiming recently that the majority of new converts to Isalm are women ( claims ranging from 60% to 90% . . . ?!?). While those statistics are solely based on statements from Mohammedan apologists in the West, they pretty well bear out the famous quote (variously attributed) that ""There are three types of lies - lies, damn lies, and statistics."

As we are witnessing daily, the Mohhamedans' lies invariably fall into the third, and most egregious, category.

We offer our unconditional support for Deeyah in her struggle for personal and creative freedom.

We tender Deeyah our deepest respect and admiration for her strength and courage in the face of Islamic intolerance.

And, finally, we believe she should be ranked among the greatest of those, both men and women, who have, throughout the ages, given so much, faced such obstacles and persevered in their stuggles for independence and equality.

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