Thursday, August 2, 2007

Israel . . . an Apartheid State?

Oddly enough, the one place in the world where Jews, Christians and Mohammedans live in relative harmony is Israel.

Israeli Arabs (Mohammedans OR Christians) aren't fleeing Israel to get into the Palestinian territories, Israeli Christians are flourishing as never before and Christians from abroad are making pilgrimages in record numbers.

It's interesting that no Israeli Arab Mohammedans are committing terrorist acts like Mohammedans are in the States, Britain, Australia, Iraq (against even their own co-religionists), Europe, Asia, India, etc.

They are free to practice their religion without the restrictions that are being laid on Mohammedans in the U.S, Britain, etc. today. Mohammedan women can't drive or leave the house alone in Saudi Arabia, but they can in Israel. There are fewer "honor killings" in Israel among the Mohammedan community than in any other community of similar size.

If you're looking for internal "tolerance" and "peaceful co-existence", Israel's a pretty good example to follow. . . . That's one of the reasons why Israel's neighbours are so virulently opposed to her existence . . . it shows up their own intolerance so glaringly.

Simply look at the chaos and bloodshed in Gaza today . . . a Gaza without an Israeli presence. It's purely an internecine conflict between the Mohammedans themselves.

If you want to put things in perspective, if you want to condemn apartheid, just ask yourself how many Mohammedans live in Israel and how many Jews live in Mohammedan countries . . . like Saudi Arabia?

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