Monday, August 6, 2007

Israel, the World's "David" Against Mohammedanism's "Goliath"?

In the face of a growing and increasingly violent world-wide onslaught of Mohammedan terror and internecine Islamic atrocities, is Israel to be forced to become the "Little David" to slay this Philistine "Goliath"?

Never forget, the capital city of the Philistines was Gaza!

In 1981, Israel successfully destroyed the Osiraq nuclear facility in Iraq. Had Israel not done so, the Allied troops who fought in the First Gulf war would have faced Saddam's tactical nuclear weapons and the outcome would have been vastly different and unquestionably far more costly in Allied troop and equipment losses. The overthrow of the Saddam regime would certainly not have been as easy or assured.

Now that Iran has achieved nuclear technology that will, despite their transparently disingenuous protestations, lead directly to the development of nuclear weaponry, must it fall once again on Israel to save the world from the imminent threat of Mohammedan attempts at world domination through nuclear destruction on a scale that will make Hiroshima and Nagasaki pale in comparison?

Iran's psychotic leader Ahmedinijad has openly threatened to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth."

Does any sane individual in the West truly believe that, once that objective has been accomplished WITH LITTLE OR NO WESTERN OPPOSITION, he and his megalomaniacal allies will stop there?

This is, remember, a RELIGIOUS war, and no religious warriors have EVER stopped their campaign to spread their "faith" until they were soundly and definitively defeated.

In our opinion, it would be far wiser, both politically and economically, for the Western world to form a grand alliance NOW and, in concert, lance the festering pustule of Mohammedan aspirations to world domination before the price in human life and the threat to the survival of Western civilization becomes too great.

Israel cannot be the eternal shield, alone, against this Goliath . . . and if, God forbid, she is indeed destroyed, then the West will as surely suffer her fate as night follows day.

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