Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Livingstone's Lads" planning another attack?

Security sources in the U.K. have indicated that according to a recent and significant increase in electronic "chatter" among known Islamic militants in London and its immediate environs, there is a distinct pattern emerging that strongly suggests that another attack similar to that of 7/7 is likely to be attempted in London within the next two months.

After the failure of the car bomb attack on the Glasgow Airport and the death of that terrorist strike's architect in hospital, the Mohammedan terrorists are now reportedly exploring less complex but more effective and deadly methods of operation. One of the options reportedly being considered is the importing of foreign Mohammedans to carry out these terrorist atrocities, since that would lessen the likelihood of their being traced back to local Mohammedan extremists.

After Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, gave a red-carpet welcome to one of Islam's most vitriolic and virulently anti-Semitic clerics to the city some time ago, and, shortly afterwards, displayed a remarkable outburst of anti-Semitism by likening a Jewish journalist to a Nazi concentration guard, the Mohammedan extremist community has begun to gravitate to London in the well-founded belief that with "Red Ken" in the highest civic office, they will be under less stringent scrutiny than they would be elsewhere.

The attackers who, on 7/7, murdered 53 innocent Londoners became widely known as "Livingstone's Lads" in deference to the mayor's sympathy for their actions.

Following the atrocities, Mr. Livingstone reportedly at no time characterized them as "terrorist" attacks. Neither did he use phrases such as "Arab terror", "Muslim terrorists" or any similar characterization which could be understood as a criticism of either the acts themselves or the Mohammedan perpetrators.

To our knowledge, Mr. Livingstone not only failed to, but in a number of cases actually refused to, visit the victims of the atrocities, while advising the London public that the families of the terrorists should not be condemned or singled out for disapprobation.

Given Mr. Livingstone's widely reported and well documented sympathies for Mohammedan terrorists and his virulent contempt for Jews in general and Israel in particular, it is not surprising that the British authorities should be looking to London as the next site of a major terrorist attack.

Our informants in the British security services have suggested that the next attacks by "Livingstone's Lads" will most likely be random suicide attacks on "soft targets" such as supermarkets, football pitches, festive gatherings, and, especially, any well-attended public meetings in parks, plazas or squares where it will be more difficult for the security services to detect them. The use of police, paramedic, military, clerical or other such uniforms is unquestionably being considred since this tactic has worked so well in earlier attacks in Israel and more recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

With the enthusiastic and unconditional support of such influential public figures as Mr. Livingstone and the Liberal Democrat politician Baroness Tonge, there is no doubt that they will use these endorsements to their advantage and the British public will be burying more victims of their politicians' craven policies.

It is, to this writer, incomprehensible that figures of such important political influence in Britain could openly and unabashedly aid and abet terrorists such as "Livingstone's Lads" or, as Baroness Tonge has done . . . again, lionize the Mohammedan terrorists in the Arab territories of Gaza and the West Bank without, at the very least, having charges of aiding and abetting terrorists leveled against them, let alone charges of treason.

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