Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just another reminder of the "Monster Unchained !"

This is the naked face of Islam . . . a religion born in the vast and arid deserts of the Middle East by a nomadic tribal chief whose entire world view was one of violence, oppression, deception and hate. In the video above you are witnessing the unashamed and incandescent hatred that the followers of this "religion" have for anyone who stands in their way of world domination.

Unlike the cancer of anti-Semitism which is based on the millenium-old lies, blood libels and propoganda of the Catholic Church, the ground swell of anti-Islamic sentiment sweeping the world today is based solidly on the reactions of moral and G-d fearing individuals around the planet to the terrorist atrocities we witness with our own eyes each and every day.

To even consider the idea of Islam as a "religion of peace" is obscene beyond belief and an insult to the memories of the victims, both past, present AND FUTURE, of this scourge of the world community.

G-d gave dominion over the wealth of the earth to the Christians, most notably the Catholic Church, for almost two thousand years and they squandered it on internecine wars and colonial adventures. Now that Church and its Protestant offspring are in tatters.

G-d has now given the Mohammedans the keys to the riches of this world in the form of oil, the cornerstone of progress for all modern societies. They have, over the past one hundred years used that unimaginable wealth to foster hatred, terror and oppression across every land they have conquered and are now turning their attention, and spreading their evil, to the West.

Watch this video and you will see what is in store for you . . . .

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