Thursday, August 16, 2007

Islam and the Nazi Analogy in Our Time

Islam has, over the past seventy-five to one hundred years, evolved into a global social phenomenon that rivals the Nazi regime of 1924 - 1945 to such a remarkable degree that I think it deserves some comment and observations.

The only significant difference is that the German Nazi political phenomenon was initiated, propagated and relentlessly driven forward by the adamant will of a single individual, Adolph Hitler, while Islam, on the other hand, is a nebulous religious concept unsusceptible to conventional methods of attack against its adherents or defence by its victims.

What does stand out today is that there are strikingly similar steps being taken by individuals and movements both within and without Islam, as there were in Nazi Germany, who can be characterized as "resistance fighters" .

During the period of the Nazi regime, as it developed the blueprints for, and executed the steps to achieve its avowed goal of, world domination, there arose certain individuals who, for personal, moral and ethical reasons, could not condone or collaborate in the furthering of those goals.

Foremost among those who opposed Hitler's ambitions was the Wehrmacht officer Claus von Stauffenberg. Badly wounded in North Africa, Stauffenberg was a political conservative and a zealous German nationalist. He had at first welcomed the Nazi regime but had become rapidly disillusioned. He was at first appalled by the systematic and cold-blooded executions of Jewish civilians and the treatment of the Russian POWs. Then, beginning in 1942 he shared the widespread conviction among Army officers that Germany was being led to disaster and that Hitler must be removed from power. For some time his religious scruples had prevented him from coming to the conclusion that assassination was the way to achieve this.

Following the Battle of Stalingrad in December 1942, however, he came to the conclusion that not assassinating Hitler would be a greater moral evil.

On July 20, 1944, von Stauffenberg, in concert with his fellow collaborators, placed and detonated a bomb in the conference room where Hitler was holding court. By a mere chance of fate, the explosion was deflected by one of the massive oaken legs of the conference table and Hitler escaped serious injury.

While this particular attempt was unsuccessful, and the subsquent Gestapo reprisals took the lives of almost 5000 officers, members of their families and friends, it provided the inspiration and impetus for other Germans to follow and opened the gates for a growing flood of defections at all levels of the Nazi party.

It was a signal moment in the eventual downfall and defeat of the Nazis.

Today, there is a rising tide of revulsion among Mohammedans at the increasing barbarity being exhibited by their co-religionists around the globe. Mohammedans by the tens of thousands are turning to other, more civilized and truly spiritual faiths. Primary among the faiths to which these disillusioned Mohammedans are turning are Evangelical Christianity with its embrace of Israel and the Holy Land as the ancestral home of the Jews and, not surprisingly, with its history of pacifism in the face of aggression, Buddhism.

There are some shining stars of today's resistance to Islam's barbarism, one of which is a exceptional and outspoken ex-Mohammedan woman, Nonie Darwish, whose website can be viewed at .

The daughter of an Egyptian officer who fell victim to the first Israeli targeted assassination, Nonie struggled with the personal, religious and political consequences of that action.

She worked as an editor and translator for the Middle East News Agency, until emigrating to the United States in 1978 with her husband, ultimately receiving United States citizenship. After arriving in the US, she began attending a non-denominational Evangelical church, eventually converting to the Christian faith.

She no longer practices Islam because she feels that even mosques in the US have a radical, anti-American and an anti-peace message.

About a year after the September 11, 2001 attacks, Darwish began writing columns critical of radical Islam.

Darwish's "Arabs for Israel" website describes itself as an organization of Arabs and Muslims who "respect and support the State of Israel", welcome a "peaceful and diverse Middle East", reject "suicide/homicide terrorism as a form of Jihad", and promote "constructive self-criticism and reform" in the Arab/Muslim world.

Palestinian native Kamal Nawash founder of "Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism" praises Darwish's work. For Mr. Nawash, Darwish's voice is an important one no matter who listens to it. "The Muslim community needs the controversy," he said. "For too long there has been a monopoly on who spoke for us."

That "monopoly" has been the terrorists and their apologists in the West.

The time has come for the Mohammedan "Resistance" to stand up and rally behind such moral and ethical luminaries as Mrs. Darwish and Mr. Nawash and raise their voices against the surging tide of Mohammedan barbarism of Islam in today's world before the conflict between civilization and barbarism reaches a critical mass where the resulting conflagration will make all previous wars pale in comparison.

Some exceptional sources for your reference:

1.) "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters, an impeccably researched and documented history detailing the origins of the present Arab/Israeli conflict. (available on

2.) "Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror" by Nonie Darwish. Sentinel HC, 2006. ISBN 1595230319 ( available on )

3.) : English translations of Arabic publications in the Middle East and around the world.

4.) : Videos taken directly from Arabic sources with English translations of their content.

5.) : The truth about Islam from those who have turned their backs on its barbarism.

6.) : Walid Shoebat is an American citizen, born to a Palestinian father and an American mother. He describes himself as a former member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation ( P.L.O. ) who took part in terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. He gained notoriety and admiration by becoming an ardent critic of Islam and supporter of Israel.

7.) : "The Free Muslims Against Terrorism" organization is dedicated to the resistance against Islamofascism.

One further comment on the analogy of Islam and Nazism. After the Second World War ended, the French lionized their "resistance fighters" and, no matter what subject you might be engaged on, they would eventually work references to these "resistance fighters" into the conversation. They knew the names of many, they knew the fates of most and would proudly proclaim their parts in the downfall of the Germans. Unfortunately, the very fact that the French were so intimately acquainted with each and every one of these individuals shows how glaringly few there were among the entire French nation.

In contrast, if you ask the Danish who were their resistance fighters, they can confidently state, "We were ALL resistance fighters".

It is a telling aspect of the Danish experience that, after risking so much to save so many from the Nazi juggernaut, one of the first European victims of Mohammedan terror was a Danish filmaker, shot dead in the street, who had made a film denouncing the oppression of women in Islam.

Islam, like the Nazis, does not suffer unavenged criticism.

When the dust settles, and the Islamic terrorists have been defeated, I would vastly prefer to be remembered, like a Dane, among the unnamed and innumerable "resistance fighters" against Islam simply because it was my moral and ethical obligation as a human being.

That is the most precious legacy I can pass on to my children . . . the love of, and respect for, life, dignity, tolerance and self-respect.


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