Friday, August 17, 2007

UK Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge Supports Islamic Terrorists . . .AGAIN!

A British politician, the Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge, recently gave her full and unconditional support for Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. In a published news report, she blamed the Israeli government for all the ills of the Palestinians and even went so far as to label Israel an "apartheid" state.

This is a rather strange statement considering the fact that there are Arabs, both Mohammedan and Christian, living safely and comfortably in Israel, while Jews who stray into Palestinian areas are routinely murdered. It appears even more bizarre when looking at the composition of the Israeli military, which has among its ranks both Mohammedan Bedouin and Arab Druze as well as Israeli Arab Christians who have served proudly and with distinction in the IDF since 1948.

The fact that there is a vastly larger percentage of Mohammedans living in Israel than there are in Britain and that there are fewer restrictions on Arabs, whether Mohammedan or Christian, in Israel than there are in Britain she vehemently denied. She also seemed oddly unfazed by the fact that there have been more terrorist attacks by BRITISH Mohammedans against the British public than there have been by Israeli Mohammedan Arabs against Israeli civilians.

While Ms. Tonge has, in fact, never been to Israel, she was adamant in her condemnation of Israel in the strongest possible terms while not only condoning but encouraging the continued rocket attacks on Israeli civilians as well as suicide/homicide attacks worldwide.

In her interview, she also ascribed to the Israelis actions which had been clearly been committed by Hamas terrorists, such as the disruption of end-of-term examinations and the assaults on teachers and professors.

She said, "Even education is being destroyed as children are terrorized by raids on their schools," she said, claiming that the products of such a system would be "capable of very little except low-wage labor." That these raids in Nablus and Gaza were, in fact, carried out by Islamic Hamas members in opposition to co-educational classes in Palestinian schools and universities was apparently immaterial to her.

The evidence, and proof, of her unbridled anti-Semitism lies in the fact that Baroness Tonge was sacked as a member of Parliament and as the Liberal Democrat spokeswoman in 2004 after expressing support for Palestinian suicide bombers. At that time she stated that she herself would be willing to become a suicide bomber in order to kill Jews. It is worth noting that this sacking occurred in a Parliament not widely noted for its sympathetic views of Jews in general or Israel in particular.

While the English are noted for their tolerance of, and in many notable instances their affection for, the eccentrics in their midst, I think the Baroness's spectacularly public display of a serious mental instablity deserved to be dealt with more firmly than mere sacking from Parliament.

The disquieting aspect of this British politician's intentionally disingenuous statements is that it leaves one extremely worried not only about the future of British Jewry, but the safety and security of the British public at large if an individual of such influence can be bought so easily as a mouthpiece for Mohammedan terrorists who have already wreaked such havoc on that island.

When a British Baroness can openly and unashamedly espouse the cause of Islamic terror worldwide, suffering only a subsequent "slap on the wrist", I believe it is time for the British public to reassess its moral priorities . . . if not for this generation, at least for their childrens' sake.

And, as a perhaps admittedly juvenile Parthian shot, I might ask the Baroness about her position on the "apartheid" Irish terrritory currently occupied by the British government.

Occupied and oppressed for the past 400 years at the very least. I am myself a descendant of Irish forebears who fled the horrors of the famine or 1845 - 1849 which Baroness Tonge's peers did nothing to alleviate.

I believe the adage regarding "glass houses" is admirably applicable here . . .

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