Friday, August 10, 2007

The Tragedy of Islam . . . the Fall from Grace.

In the face of daily, even hourly, reports of the continuing assault by Islam against civilized societies around the world, as well as the savage internecine conflicts being waged among Mohammedan communities themselves, one of the saddest aspects of this war is the Islamic apologists' attempts to justify the religion by pointing to the "Golden Age" of Islam in Spain during the time of the Cordovan Caliphate.

The Cordovan Caliphate ruled the Iberian Peninsula from approximately 750 - 1030 C.E. and did, indeed, with the usual fluctuations in political attitudes and practices, produce a relatively well-integrated and flourishing multi-cultural and multi-religious society that stood as a symbol of benevolent rule for nearly three centuries.

While there were the occasional persecutions and expulsions of Jews and Christians, on the whole, it can safely be described as the pinnacle of Islamic achievement in the realms of enlightened culture and government.

Unfortunately, this era of Islamic achievement ended almost one thousand years ago.

Since then, there has been no similar display of Islam as an intellectual, cultural, scientific or religious luminary among the nations of the world.

Living in the past is an illusory foundation for present actions. The atrocities and barbarities of Islam today cannot be blurred or justified by pointing to a long-gone era that has left only the whispering ghosts of its greatness behind.

As Mark Twain once remarked, when being shown the landmarks of a certain city, "They tell me it was a good hotel once, but that signifies nothing. I was a good boy once."

The saddest aspect of the Mohammedan's referring to the "Golden Age" of Islam during the Cordovan Caliphate as an example of Islam's potential is that, in doing so, he himself shows up the glaring contrast between the heights to which Islam might have aspired, and achieved, in the modern world and the actual barbarity and atavism displayed by Mohammedans across the globe today.

Given the gift of oil, the cornerstone of all modern societies, the Mohammedans have freely chosen to squander that priceless gift on the spreading of terror, violence, destruction and oppression rather than building schools, universities, hospitals, research institutes, etc. all of which, with the unlimited petro-dollar funds available for meeting any and all of their needs, could have brought the finest scientists, scholars, artists, writers, philosophers and educators to the Islamic world and Islam would have become the brightest beacon of civilization since the time of the Pharaohs.

Rather, Mohammedans have freely and, it seems, almost enthusiastically, chosen to become the most barbaric and intolerant of all cultures in the world today.

Their image and reputation in the world today is not the fault of the Israelis, the Jews, the Christians, the Americans, the "West", or any other outside source.

The reason for their "fall from Grace" lies within their own hearts . . . .

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